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DMMS BAND PROGRAM 2020-2021 Parent Checklist

Heads up, parents! Whether you’re a new band parent or an old hand at this band business, please review all materials so that you know what’s expected! We offer the following checklist to assist you in getting off to a good start. Good luck, and welcome to the new band year!

  1. Complete the Student Information Sheet (with or without changes), Statement of Responsibility and Media Release Form. Completing and submitting all required forms is a homework grade and is due by September 4th.

  2. Review the Course Outline and Band Handbook with your student so there are no surprises about what the expectations are for band and how the grades are determined. Look for chances to fulfill the concert attendance requirement. What constitutes a concert? One in which your student’s instrument is played.

  3. Take the Band Calendar and tape it to your fridge, give a copy to your coach (club athletics), and add the events to your home calendar. Consider creating a “band in-box” at home and on your computer to keep important band information.

  4. Using the Accessory List, please take the time to make certain your student has all of the necessary materials for band. Except for Beginning Band & Cadet Band, all other students should have their instruments, method books, binders, etc. for class on Monday, August 24.

  5. Please read the weekly “McElhinney Band Bulletin” (MBB) emails from Mr. Merrin. This email can be lengthy at times. However, the MBB has to be detailed in order to avoid unnecessary email correspondence.

  6. Please check our website at

  7. If using a school instrument, please make sure to fill out the Instrument Usage Contract and make the one-time $75 donation with the bookkeeper in Student Services for using a school-owned instrument (including percussionists).

  8. If you are able to help, we welcome donations of pencils, pens, board markers, notepads, envelopes, sanitizing wipes, alcohol pads (to clean instruments), valve oil, cork grease, cotton cloths, or other items you may think of.

  9. If you are new to the band program, visit the band webpage and you can find the New Member Survival Guide. This has been provided to answer many of your questions about the band program at DMMS.

  10. Practice Charts – DUE EACH MONDAY. Make sure your student writes their name on the form and you sign the practice chart on a weekly basis (make sure it is legible). Each year we get a pile of Practice Charts that are thrown away, and no credit is given to your student because they aren’t filled out correctly.