How to Secure Funding for Music Education @DMMS

Learning to play an instrument is a priceless experience, but high quality instruction does come with costs. Music education funding in schools is one of the first areas to receive local and federal cuts, when it comes to balancing district budgets. As a result, we must be advocates for the value of music in the school curriculum and take action so kids have plenty of chances to participate.

In the advocacy for the value of music, we must utilize outside funding and resources to nurture a quality band program. The district budget barely covers the supplies needed to sustain the band program. As a result, we must look to our sponsors to help our band program grow and give our students opportunities to thrive and showcase their musical talents.

Field trips, concerts, music events, and competitions all require transportation. Transportation costs remain one of the largest portions of the band budget. The more events we want our kids to participate in, the more we need buses to transport them. Your collective financial support helps to ensure our band students have plenty of chances to perform and show off their hard work.

COVID-19 Update

As you are all aware, the Coronavirus has disrupted our lives in many ways and affected our kids going back to school. The 2020 Fall school year will start as Virtual Learning, and Band will be conducted differently from the normal classroom setting. We know this affects how students learn, perform, and grow in their musical development. Our hope is that when in-class instruction returns, Band will resume full strength, and students and parents will again enjoy concerts and performances. It is for this primary reason the Band program thrives on donations and fundraising and will be needed as Band picks up where it left off, and our kids will perform again. We look forward to the day we can return to school, and our Band Family reunites.

The following table shows some of ways you can invest in our music program and help the band program grow and maintain its position as the top Middle School Band in the District.

What Your Sponsorship Level Helps to Provide:

Band Program Goals= Purchased sheet music, supplies, bus transportation

Band Equipment= Chairs, stands, performance supplies

Concert Concessions= Purchasable food items at concerts

Booster Events= Root Beer Floats, Ice Cream Socials, in-class Holiday parties

Fundraising= Supports Band Booster Fundraising events to increase Band revenues

Equipment Trailer= Ultimate savings goal, used to transport band instruments and equipment to performances